A Runner’s Guide to Southwest Virginia

One of the nice things about running is you can do it just about anywhere. Lace-up a pair of running shoes and start exploring. Of course, it helps when the place to explore is surrounded by tree-covered mountains, scenic waterways, and an abundance of trails. Southwest Virginia has just what runners need for an escape from their every-day routes of sidewalks and running paths. This corner of the state is filled with small towns, historic inns, and natural beauty that make it the perfect option for a weekend getaway. Enjoy morning runs and then spend the rest of the day taking advantage of the sights and amenities that draw people from all over the country—from traditional music and native art to craft breweries and farm-to-table restaurants. From small town races to world-famous trails, Southwest Virginia offers runners an experience they won’t soon forget.

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How Southwest Virginia is Transforming from an Industrial Past to an Outdoor Destination

Driving through Southwest Virginia, you’re struck by the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. You can see why anyone would want to make this part of the country home. But in reality, what drew many of the people to this region was actually located below the mountains: Coal was driving force of development for much of the 20th Century.

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